Full File (pdf): EGR08 01 Cesar García-Rincón (English)

César García-Rincón de Castro


Drawing on my 25 years of experience providing professional guidance as an education consultant, this article mainly focuses on my last project at education centres run by the Society of Mary around the world. This project is as innovative in its competency‐based definition of Global Cosmopolitan Identity as in its development of intuitive metaphors and tools that could be used all over the world, free from the constraints of official curricula terminology. It is a proposal developed on the ground that is exportable to a certain degree, although not without modifications, which I believe can provide good ideas and key steps for other consultants and education centres interested in developing similar Development Education (DE) processes.

Key words

Education, Human Development, Global Learning, Competence‐based Learning, Cosmopolitan Identity, Social Consultancy, Experience‐based Learning.