Full File (pdf): EGR08 02 Marian Pascual (English)

Marian Pascual Recalde


Education for Development (ED) about Global Citizenship (ECG in Spanish) is a process of individual and collective growth. It is a social practice. It is also a permanent preparation for life, in which acquiring operative and emotional skills in order to analyse and critically think about the real world makes it possible for students to become active social citizens. And therefore agents of social change.

Is it our duty as NGDOs to work the ECG into formal education?  It should at least be, like in the case of Escuelas Solidarias, slowly starting to leave the hands of public institutions, and fighting so that in the future the education system understands the concept of Global Citizenship Education, realizes that it must be part of the teaching staff’s training, and has it integrated throughout the centres’ teaching techniques and curricula throughout the education centres.




Process, education, agents of change, critical, operational, emotional.