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This article has a format that is unlike that of all the other academic articles presented in this magazine to date. Usually articles are written by one person or a group on a particular subject. At the 2014 Hegoa Conference some three hundred people reflected on different aspects of transformative learning. A vast amount of material was produced to document proceedings and this article is the result of a non-exhaustive search for aspects that the Editorial Board would like to highlight on the subject of the conference: transformative education. It is in this sense that we use the metaphor of a “patchwork” of minutes. A patchwork is of course made of many cloths or fabrics that are stitched together to form a surprising, beautiful finished product. We have similarly “stitched” together an article that, while not including all the material produced, represents the whole through its various parts. Undoubtedly, many other patchworks are possible.


Key words

Education, transformative, political subject, communication, power, processes.


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