Full article (pdf): EGR10 01 Fernández English

Benito Fernández Fernández


This paper encourages us to reflect on how Popular Education and the paradigm of Good Living contribute to the current debate on “education quality”, enriching the “education as a right” perspective and helping to drive innovation in the field of teaching. The paper is based on two major discussions: in the one strand, the context surrounding the debate on “education quality”, where there is a conflict two stances: “education as excellence” versus “education as a right”; and on the other, the debate concerning the overall sense of our being in the world, against the backdrop of globalisation and planetary crisis. Faced with these scenarios, Popular Education identifies an ethical and political meaning in “Good Living” that enriches its continuous endeavours to achieve the liberation of the peoples and in which the pedagogical facet highlights the role of the popular educator in moulding autonomous subjects, and in “education quality” as a universal right in line with the educational needs of individuals.

Key words

Commoditisation, popular education, education quality, Good Living, globalisation, pedagogy.