Full article (pdf): EGR10 04 Caudillo English

Gloria Alicia Caudillo Félix


This paper analyses the discourse of indigenous women with regard to Good Living (Sumak Kawsay) or Living Well (Suma Qamaña) with the aim of identifying the notion they have of this alternative principle offered by indigenous movements in retaliation to what they consider the global crisis of the capitalist system. The idea is to restore the perspective of leaders who initiate their own proposals, stepping forward as vectors of indigenous cultural values and enriching the Good Living from this approach. Indigenous women’s perception of Good Living urges us to question this proposal by taking a look at the aspects on which both men and women coincide, but also based on the input from females from their lopsided position, both within their communities and movements, and concerning their relationship with national societies.

Key words

Indigenous, Women, Discourse, Good Living, Culture.