Full article (pdf): EGR10 10 Mejia English

Marco Raúl Mejía Jiménez


This text[1] seeks to organise some of the areas of focus of the problematisation carried out by different vice-ministries under the Ministry of Education of Bolivia (regular, alternative, and special education, university education, science, technology and innovation), as well as with the Ministry’s research team. From this perspective, this document is a kind of intellectual recollection of different meetings, seminars, workshops held during that week of dialogue and appeal regarding the foundations of popular education present in the IEP and the Bolivian educational project established by Law 070, which strives, as expressed in the section Basis, Aims and Objectives, for “…the construction of a plurinational state and good living”.

[1] This article has already been published in other journals and is presented here with additions and modifications. It is a speech presented at the Bolivian Education round table on the topic of Education and Buen Vivir (Good Living) in La Paz on 6 and 7 December 2012. The initial text arose from discussions held during the week of August 12-17, 2012, with the Ministry of Education of Bolivia within the framework of “Transference of the Ondas Program and its Research as Pedagogical Strategy Proposal” (IEP is the Spanish acronym).

Key words

Good living, popular education, right to education, knowing-knowledge relationship, pedagogical research.