The International Journal for Global and Development Education Research accepts original articles in English and Spanish that have not been sent to another Journal (In exceptional cases we will accept previously published articles). The manuscripts, which should be no longer than 30,000 characters (12 or 13 pages), shall be sent by email to:

We need articles with APA format:

 It is recommended that the text be organised in the following way:

1. HEADING. Composed of:

a.       Title: Clear, short and concise. No more than 50 characters including spaces.

b.      Name of author or authors.

c.       Full address of the institution to which they belong.

d.      Academic degree and current professional position.

2. KEY WORDS. No more than seven, suggested by the author; the editorial office can changed or add them

3. ABSTRACT. It should contain sufficient information to allow the reader to identify the content and aim of the work and inform their decision of whether to read the article or not. It should not exceed 150 words.

4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. If including acknowledgements they shall be included as the first footnote.

5. BIBLIOGRAPHY REFERENCES. At the end of the essay. The references shall be organised alphabetically by author, or by the first author if the book is written by more than one. For several works by the same author or authors, the chronological order will be taken into account according to year of publication. If there is more than one work published in the same year by one or more authors, a letter shall be added after the publication year so as to identify the reference (for example, 2006a, 2006b).

6. REFERENCES. The criteria for presenting references shall be the following: Surnames (in small caps), first name initial (in upper case), year of publication (in parentheses), title of the book (in italics) or of the article (in inverted commas), title of the journal in which the article is found (in italics), place of publication and publisher (if it is a book), issue number of the journal and the pages the article is found in.

7. FOOTNOTES. Bibliographic references shall be made citing the author’s first initial and surname (in small caps), the year (in parentheses) and the pages of reference.

8. TABLES AND FIGURES. They shall be numbered consecutively and independently, shall have a brief title and shall indicate their sources. The figures shall be presented in a way that enables their direct reproduction.

9. ABBREVIATIONS. The use of abbreviations saves space, but excessive use makes reading of the article harder. When it is necessary to use them, they shall be defined when they are cited for the first time.

10. EVALUATION. The International Journal for Global and Development Education Research shall acknowledge receipt of the works sent to them. The works received are submitted anonymously to at least two external evaluation procedures. Taking into account the reports sent by the evaluators, the journal’s editing team will decide whether to accept a work or not.