The main objective of the EDUCACIÓN GLOBAL RESEARCH project (EGR) is to promote the research and the reflexive practice in Global Development Education, Popular Education and Global Learning.

The project is led by FERE-CECA Madrid (ECM) in alliance with Intered, CEAAL (Latin American Council for Popular Education), Entreculturas, Comillas Pontifical University, Newman College, in Birmingham, Monterrey Institute of Technology and teachers from different schools and colleges.

The EGR project is organized around a Coordinating Council, currently composed by:

-  FERE-CECA Madrid: Elena Oliveros and Miguel Ardanaz.

- Intered: Guillermo Aguado.

- Entreculturas: Yénifer López.

- CEAAL: Oscar Jara.

-  Universidad Pontificia Comillas:  Jorge Torres.

The Project is structured in two big work-lines:

- A space to promote the reflexive practice about the EpDG between teachers of educational establishments (schools, colleges…) as an important element of empowerment and participation in the teaching and learning process. This space is called ÁGORA.

Nowadays, Ágora is coordinated by Elena Oliveros ( )

-          An academic journal: THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR GLOBAL AND DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION RESEARCH. Its proposal is to investigate inside university standards and to provide horizons and strategies about the EpDG, especially with a pedagogic and didactic perspective.

The journal’s editor is FERE-CECA Madrid.

Nowadays, the journal is coordinated by Miguel Ardanaz ( )

The Editorial Board is composed by:

Ana Arancibia, Intered, (Madrid, Spain). Management.

Elena Oliveros, FERE-CECA Madrid (ECM), (Madrid, Spain). Coordination of the EGR project.

Oscar Jara, Red Alforja and CEAAL, (San José, Costa Rica).

Kevin Bailey, Global Learning Programme, (Birmingham, UK).

Guillermo Aguado, Intered, (Madrid, Spain).

Yénifer López, Entreculturas, (Madrid, Spain).

Jorge Torres, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, (Madrid, Spain).

Mark Chidler, Newman University College, (Birmingham, UK).

Pilar García, Tanganza University College, (Nairobi, Kenya).

Ernesto Benavides, Monterrey Institute of Technology, (Monterrey, Mexico).

Paloma Montero, Nª Sª de Fátima school, (Madrid, Spain).

Juan José Vergara, I.E.S. Bilbao, (Madrid, Spain).

Manuel Vega, I.E.S. López Neyra, (Córdoba, Spain).

Miguel Ardanaz, FERE-CECA Madrid (ECM), (Madrid, Spain). Coordination of contents.

01How this adventure began

02 Global Education and Research Summary

03 For a questioning education

03 Por uma pedagogía da pergunta



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